Left swipe, Right swipe?

Is it really a good idea ?

Well if you consider how many seconds it takes to swipe over 50 people, yes it is a bad idea when you think DOH, I swiped the wrong way because i’m swiping too fast! and can you remember what the persons face looked like 3 swipes ago, Nope, because all your doing is repetitively swiping faces that seem attractive for about .05 of a second if that really. And the true values that you seek in a partner are obsolete by this point because your brain is now primed to look for attractive features.

We have a Love Me Love Me Not feature which is similar, but you have to Click Love Me  if you want to meet them, or Love Me Not if you don’t. These extra efforts your fingers have to do require some kind of concentration, which engages the brain making you start to think, As you are sliding your finger over to Love Me Not, You notice something about them, you change your mind and Click on Love Me.. there you did it, you actually took the time to look better and have increased your chances of finding someone, those little extra efforts can build up and you could meet someone much sooner.

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